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Chef's Signature Dish

47. Pla Lark Prik


Crispy whole snapper topped with red onion, carrots, capsicum and homemade spicy tamarind sauce

48. Pla Jean Ta Krai


Crispy whole snapper topped with mushroom, onion, carrots, broccoli finished with homemade lemongrass sauce

49. Choo Chee Pla


Crispy whole snapper topped with beans, capsicum, carrots, and ginger root cooked in homemade red curry sauce finished with kaffir leaves

50. Pla Thong Basil


Crispy whole snapper fillet topped with garlic, sweet basil, fresh chilli and minced chicken

51. Red Whisky Prawns


Tempura king prawns, onion, carrots, capsicum and steamed broccoli cooked with homemade red whiskey sauce

52. Ped Lui Fire


Roasted duck stir fried with garlic, market vegetables and homemade chilli oyster sauce wrapped in flaming foil

53. Lamb Rack


Grilled rack of lamb with steamed market vegetables topped with homemade black pepper sauce